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The Legal Aspects

It’s easy to get married in Barbados once you bring the correct documents with you. Regulations are fairly clear-cut and do not require reams of paperwork.

Everyone Needs:

A Marriage License

Applying for the marriage license is made at the Ministry of Home Affairs in Bridgetown where you take your application. This can be done a couple of days prior to your wedding.
You must bring your passport or birth certificate with picture ID as proof of identity. If you have been married before, you will need the original or a certified copy of your divorce decree (known locally as the decree absolute) to confirm any prior divorces. Widowers will need both a Certificate of Marriage and Death Certificate. If you are coming from a non-English speaking country, the documents must have certified translations. You must also present a letter from the Officiant that will be conducting the ceremony. This will be either a religious official, or for civil weddings, a magistrate, whose letter will come through his or her district court.  License Fee: Bds$200 + $25 Stamp Duty

The Ceremony - Barbados Laws

In many countries a Celebrant has the power to perform legal certificated marriages but here in Barbados only an ordained Priest or a Magistrate can legally marry a couple. But don’t let this put you off – there are 2 options:

Option One
Partnering with my Reverend

I partner with a Minister who carries out the legal side of your marriage while I create a beautiful Ceremony for you. My Reverend Partner helps you obtain your marriage license and attends our Ceremony on the day with all the paperwork needed to create a legal marriage. His part in your Ceremony is towards the end with the signing of the marriage certificate and the pronouncement that your are ‘now married!’ 

Fee: Bds$250
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Option Two

holetown court (2).jpg

Holetown Court

Marriage in advance by a Magistrate

I can guide you through the requirements for this, the application for your marriage license and make an appointment for you to visit the Office of Home Affairs in Bridgetown to get your license. We also book a time, perhaps the day before your Wedding, to attend the Court with witnesses for your legal marriage. You can then relax and enjoy your Wedding Ceremony the following day with friends and family.

Fee: Bds$250 at Magistrate's Court

My Ceremony Fees 

Basic Wedding Package including Ring Exchange Bds$500

to include:

  • Pre wedding meetings in person or online

  • Guidance in all aspects of the ceremony

  • Bespoke Script tailored to your own desires

  • Liaison with other vendors such as wedding planner, photographer, flowers and DJ

  • Management & direction of everyone playing a role on the Day

  • A ceremony delivered with confidence, care and sensitivity

  • EXTRA ELEMENTS Bds$50 each

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