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Pets in your Ceremony

Do you want your Furry Friend to be
part of your Ceremony? No problem.

A wedding is a huge family occasion and as such, the WHOLE family should be there regardless of the species. Imagine your fun wedding photos including your pets celebrating with you on your magical day!   I’m happy to include any pet as part of your Ceremony. Dogs can be amazing ‘Ring Bearers” but do remember you need a trusted rehearsed handler to leave YOU free to enjoy your special moments.

And don’t include a pet of which you are unsure with respect to reactions to others or very skittish.

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  • I recommend having lots of rehearsals with yourselves, the handler and the pet well in advance of your special day so that the pet begins to understand the ‘seqeunce’ of its role.  Don’t wait until the actual wedding rehearsal.

  • Make sure the dog has exercised and had a ‘potty opportunity’ before the ceremony

  • Good idea to have some treats on hand

  • Lots of beautiful doggie waistcoats online and a ring pouch can be attached to your pets collar.

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