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Betrothal Ceremony

In ancient times a handfasting was often part of the betrothal or engagement. Through the tying of the hands the couple promised themselves to each other. A betrothal ceremony can include many different elements including pledges and declarations of love.

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Partnership & Commitment Ceremonies

The purpose of the commitment ceremony is to make a public declaration of life-long commitment, love and dedication between two people and can be held at any time in a relationship.

You may not want the legal formality of a civil partnership or marriage, but really want to you’re your relationship, expressyour loving union and share your feelings with friends and family. Or simply you wish a quiet commitment ceremony for a few close friends to witness your love.

The format of this ceremony can include any Elements including vows & ring exchange. The only difference is that legal documents are not involved – it is more a ‘Way of the Heart’

Renewal of Vows Ceremonies

A renewal of vows ceremony is for any couple wishing to celebrate or renew their vows in a unique and personal ceremony at any stage in your relationship. You may wish to repeat your marriage vows again or create new promises to each other. This type of ceremony can happen when:

  • You may have had a registry office service and now want a special wedding ceremony involving your family and friends.

  • You may have got married abroad and wish to have a celebration with friends at home

  • You may have gone through a tricky time on your relationship or health and wish to get back on a positive path again

  • Perhaps one partner has health issues and you wish to strengthen your pledges

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Naming Ceremonies

Every naming ceremony is clearly unique and very special always crafted to meet the needs of your family. A Naming ceremony is an opportunity for you to celebrate the birth of a child, or to welcome

adopted and stepchildren into your family.

Your child or children can be any age. A naming ceremony is a unique occasion for everyone to feel involved as they pledge their love and support for the child's future development.

Naming ceremonies are a good vehicle to enable other family members to play an active role such as:

Enabling the parent or parents to pledge their care and love to their child, in front of family and


Give grandparents the opportunity to make promises to support the parent or parents in the raising of their grandchild

Give family and friends the opportunity to promise their help and support to the child as they grow

and develop in their community.

Miscellaneous Ceremonies 

Every Ceremony is uniquely crafted but has a basic structure.  I am happy to officiate at a diverse range of other life events such as Rites of Passage, Anniversaries, Memorials & Commemorations or anything you may need a special event to mark a special Celebration

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